But, overall, many arts organizations say that when they raise their problems to the government, it is generally responsive.

“We need to continue engaging with the federal government to have a deeper dialogue about funding, because the medium and longer-term effects are not known,” says Brad Keast, board chair of the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto, who initiated a letter with the foundation One Voice – Arts & Culture in April that called on the government to offer better support. “Funding needs to be tailored to accommodate the unique situations of organizations in this sector.”

Securing the additional CA$500 million (US$351 million) was an example of the result of this kind of “positive pressure,” Brault from the Canada Council says in a nod to One Voice, adding that the next big steps will be to determine what longer-term stimulus packages will look like next year.

“I believe we are entering a period that will be quite long,” he says. “But a lot of creation is happening right now, and I am curious what will come out of that.” […]

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